Beautiful View -
              The Window Cleaning Store

Beautiful View - The Window Cleaning Store

We are located at:
1805 Wilson Ave Unit 107
Toronto, On M9M 1A2

Our online store is:

We carry supplies for:
  • window cleaning
  • eaves cleaning
  • dryer duct cleaning
  • screen repair service and supplies

We fix window screens and door screens. (in store drop off only)

Screen Repair Type Standard Fibreglass Mesh Super Strength Pet Mesh
Small window re-screen up to 4 sq ft $15 $24
Medium window re-screen up to 9 sq ft $20 $32
Large window re-screen up to 15 sq ft $25 $40
Standard sliding door re-screen up to 3ft wide $45 $72
Extra wide sliding door re-screen up to 4ft wide $55 $88

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Here are some highlights of the cleaning supplies we sell.

window cleaning supplies toronto canada
Window Cleaning Supplies

Everything from squeegees, scrubbers, extension poles to buckets, tool belts, pure water cleaning systems and more...

Gutter Cleaning Supplies Toronto Canada
Eaves Cleaning Supplies

We have what you need to clean your eaves this year. Gutter scoops, grabbers, heavy duty pails to collect the debris and more...
Dryer vent cleaning supplies tools
Dryer Vent Cleaning Supplies

Take the smart preventative steps to avoid a dryer fire. These tools will help clean out that lint build up that causes your dryer to run hotter. Plus reduce dry times.
Roof snow removal system
Roof Snow Removal System

The Snow Cut N Slide is a tool designed to attach to the end of window cleaning extension poles. This allows you to clear the bulk of the snow off your roof, safely from the ground.

Helps to prevent structural roof damage from heavy weight snow and ice dam build up.

All these tools and services available at Beautiful View - The Window Cleaning Store.

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